Simple Machines

It’s the night shift at the Museum, most people are gone for the day, all except the little alien creature Twitch. You'll have to help him find the lost part to his space robot and not only that, you have to be clever about it.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago wanted a fun way for children to learn about physics and simple machines. So we decided to have as much fun as possible with it!
It’s the story of Twitch, the squishy orange museum helper, that needs to find spare parts for

his grumpy Boss to repair the broken robot. But Twitch is so lazy and would rather sleep at night, so he could use the help of some simple machines that would make his quest easier…

Just one of the thousand possible characters…
Given the sensitive audience of this project, we put a lot of effort into trying to create just the perfect charater for the story and give it personality of its own. That’s why we made many many character studies of our hero-to-be and fine-tuned each of the many animations.

… and one of the many stories!
We also created quite a few storyboards exploring the possible stories that could happen at night in an empty museum where coloured tiny creatures dwell. In the end it was a hard choice among a broken robot, a lost keychain, or an atop a bookshelf dancing party. And you can just imagine how many more of them there could have been!

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