Target Stuff Scholarships

Back-to-school time! Stocking up on cereals, instant noodles, toothpaste, underwear, videogames, make-up... Books? What books?

Starting college is kind of neat. To make it even more neat and easy and cozy, Target decided to award a number of their special Stuff Scholarships to worthy students. But not just any scholarship, this time it’s like some seriously cool stuff. Like a year’s supply of ramen, or clean underwear for an entire semester, or bean bags and console games. You know, just exactly what you need for college life.

With unit9 and W+K, we created a series of cool illustrations for each one of

the scholarships. Every item is encased in a badge that reminds of traditional university crests – kind of per aspera ad aspra, but with toothpaste and flip-flops. And a triumph of banners and ivy.

Applications are unfortunately closed by now, but you can still have a look at the page, to see just how neat our illustration style is. Have a look!

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