Steve, the troubled salesman

Steve is a salesman. Just right now, he is not having a such a great time. But who knows, let's just wait until he masters those pesky pipeline marketing secrets...

The people at Vendemore needed to

refresh their communication strategy. Their services are all about marketing, sales strategies, pipelines – very complicated stuff. So we figured, how would

we feel if we had to deal with that kind of things? And so Steve was born.

Steve is a salesman (or a small company owner, or anyone who needs a bit of help with their marketing, really) who is having trouble with his clients: they don’t call him back, engage him in countless meetings that lead nowhere and generally give him a rough time. But with the

help of the Vendemore products he gets to know the pipeline inside and out and become a

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real sales shark!

Character design was not included in the initial project brief and Steve was born out of personal research. But he instantly charmed the heart out of the client and ended up being developed further and becoming the new Vendemore mascot.

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