We are Standing On Giants

Follow the adventures of Businessman, SoG Guy, Average Client and Factory Worker in the magic world of car making and on-line communities.

Selling a new, ground-breaking b2b service is not an easy task. So together with Man + Hatchet, we put together a set of lovely videos to explain what they do at Standing On Giants and the magic they work with their on-line community managing. The benefits range from increased sales, to improved customer service, all the way to customer-aided product development. All in all, it can be quite boring stuff, that’s why we really wanted to add a touch of fun to the story.

The set is composed of a main introductory video and six shorter ones that explain the different benefits that derive from SoG’s services. We created a colourful world and populated it of iconic characters that perform specific roles – mister Businessman struggling to keep up

with today’s ever-changing relationship between brands and the public, the Customers always tapping away at their mobile devices and inducing alternate fortunes for the companies out there… And of course the SoG Guy in his green uniform, bringing customers and businesses together and dutifully saving the day.

Have a look at the videos, all available in English and Spanish!

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